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Chris Do: A Visionary in Design and Business Education

Chris Do is a name synonymous with creativity, business acumen, and education in the design industry. As an Emmy award-winning director, designer, strategist, and educator, he has built a reputation for himself as a thought leader and visionary. His journey, both personal and professional, is an inspiring tale of resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Early Life and Background

Chris Do was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with his family at a young age. Growing up in the bustling city of Los Angeles, he was exposed to a melting pot of cultures, experiences, and opportunities. This diverse and dynamic environment played a pivotal role in shaping his perspective and nurturing his creative spirit.

The Futur: Empowering the Next Generation of Creatives

Chris Do is the founder and CEO of The Futur, an online education platform that aims to empower and educate the next generation of creative professionals. Through The Futur, he provides invaluable insights, tools, and resources on various topics such as design, business, branding, and entrepreneurship.

The platform offers a wide range of courses, workshops, and resources designed to equip creatives with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in today's competitive landscape. From mastering the principles of design to understanding the intricacies of business strategy, Chris Do's teachings are both practical and transformative.

Emmy Award-Winning Career in Design and Direction

With over two decades of experience in the design industry, Chris Do has worked with a diverse range of clients and brands, creating compelling visual narratives and impactful designs. His work as a director and designer has earned him numerous accolades, including an Emmy award for his outstanding contributions to the field.

His approach to design is characterized by a deep understanding of storytelling, aesthetics, and strategy. He believes in the power of design to communicate ideas, evoke emotions, and drive change. Through his work, he has demonstrated a unique ability to blend creativity with business acumen, creating solutions that are not only visually stunning but also strategically sound.

A Thought Leader and Mentor

In addition to his work with The Futur, Chris Do is a sought-after speaker, mentor, and consultant. He has delivered keynote speeches, workshops, and lectures at various industry events, universities, and organizations around the world. His insights on design thinking, branding, entrepreneurship, and leadership have inspired thousands of professionals and aspiring creatives.

Chris Do's mentorship and guidance have been instrumental in helping many individuals and businesses unlock their full potential and achieve success. His practical, no-nonsense approach to education and mentorship resonates with audiences and provides them with actionable insights and strategies that can be applied immediately.

The Intersection of Design and Business

One of Chris Do's most significant contributions to the design industry is his emphasis on the intersection of design and business. He firmly believes that creatives can and should play a more significant role in shaping business strategy, driving innovation, and creating value for clients and stakeholders.

Through his work and teachings, Chris Do encourages creatives to expand their skill set, embrace entrepreneurship, and adopt a strategic mindset. He believes that by understanding the principles of business and integrating them with design thinking, creatives can unlock new opportunities, enhance their value proposition, and achieve long-term success.


Chris Do's journey from a young immigrant to an Emmy award-winning director, designer, and educator is a testament to his passion, dedication, and resilience. Through his work with The Futur, his contributions to the design industry, and his mentorship and guidance, he has made a significant impact on the lives and careers of countless creatives around the world.

His vision, insights, and teachings continue to inspire and empower the next generation of creative professionals, helping them navigate the complexities of the industry, embrace entrepreneurship, and achieve their dreams.

To learn more about Chris Do and his work, visit The Futur website and explore the wealth of resources, courses, and insights available.

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