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Business Essential Bundle 📄 7 Business Agreement Templates

Business Essential Bundle 📄 7 Business Agreement Templates

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📄 Get all of our 7 Business Agreement Templates for the low price of $15. Our comprehensive Business Essentials Bundle, designed to streamline and protect your business operations. Ensure seamless collaboration with freelancers and secure ownership of your commissioned art with our comprehensive Artwork Release Agreement. Our Non-Compete Agreement (NCA) is a professionally crafted document designed to protect your business interests by preventing employees or contractors from engaging in competitive activities that could harm your company. The Loan Agreement helps you accurately document business loans, ensuring investments aren't misclassified as income. Simplify LLC management with the LLC Operating Agreement, clarifying your company's structure and responsibilities. Protect your creations with the Content Ownership Agreement, retaining full control over your intellectual property. The Media Content Release secures permissions for using individuals' likenesses in media projects. Lastly, the Influencer Agreement sets clear expectations and safeguards interests in influencer partnerships. This bundle is an essential toolkit for any entrepreneur.

Disclaimer, Not legal representation or advice: Templates and information are not intended to constitute legal advice or representation. User acknowledges that they have not relied on any legal advice from the drafting of this template and should seek independent legal advice for any specific legal questions or concerns.

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